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18 May, Tuesday

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Murtaza Rakhimov: Bashkortostan successfully stands the strength test even in new hard conditions!


President of Bashkortostan Murtaza Rakhimov took the floor at the solemn meeting, devoted to the Republic Day. The text of his speech, called “Bashkortostan successfully stands the strength test even in new hard conditions!” is published briefly below:

“Dear compatriots! Dear participants and guests of the solemn meeting! Let me heartily congratulate you and all citizens RB with the forthcoming main state holiday of Bashkortostan – the Republic Day!

It has already become a good tradition to celebrate the Republic Day in our towns and regions, to sum up the results of the past years and to determine the tasks for the future. During nearly 20 years Bashkortostan is moving along the way of public reforms and renovation and this is our common destiny with Russia and new stage in development of state system of our Republic. We faced many difficult problems, expectations and even disappointments and not everything went on as we planned before. But it is clear that the recent years have become the years of consolidation and spiritual upsurge of the nation, substantial searches, hard labor and good results in every sphere of life. We may proudly say we live in another time, in another Republic and in another country!

First of all, we’ve kept the state construction. Bashkortostan possesses stable multi-party system, which core is formed by the political party “United Russia”. The structures of civil society are formed step-by-step and all that allows us to solve the uneasy questions of modern development quite successfully.

The troubles and emotions of breaking autumn 1990 are nearly forgotten and the majority of young people don’t remember those events. The country stood next door to the political and economic collapse and its regions were left to the mercy of fate. People demanded operative solution of urgent problems from us and we had to start acting, basing on non-standard and sometimes unique approaches to solution of new challenges.

Having natural resources, powerful industrial, agricultural and building potential and talented and hard-working people at its disposal, Bashkortostan has made the real spurt into the XXI century. It was a deserved contribution to consolidation of Russian Federation. Now we are proud of that!

We managed to reach the leading positions by many kinds of industrial production and agriculture and at that the qualitative constituent of economic growth was substantially improved. At present time Bashkortostan is found in the Top 10 of the most developed Russian regions!

Bashkortostan is a donor of federal budget, sending almost two thirds of accumulated payments into budgets of all levels and into Russian off-budget funds. Note that for 19 years the volume of these payments increased 55 times!

Dear friends! The strategy of further development RB coincides with the main political vector of Russia. It is high time for the country to use the great creative intellectual potential of its population, all layers of the society, talented youth and the regions to stand the severe challenges of present time. We can’t endlessly live on the base of the industrial reserves, formed in the Soviet period and the tragic events at Sayan-Shushenskaya hydroelectric station proved that again.

The country urgently needs modern productions and the newest technologies, new competitive products and infrastructure of the XXI century. We have to mobilize all our forces and the whole resource of the democratic state and civil society. Here we specially lay focus on the key principle of Russian state system – federalism. Our country is too large and different to solve all its problems only by the federal center. Only under rational distribution of competences, well-balanced budget and tax policy the regions can become the supporting centers of innovational growth and to provide the prosperity of Russia.

The crisis has become the most serious strength test for Russia and its regions and though we can’t say we’ve already survived through this period, it is clear that our Republic stands this severe exam with honor. Bashkortostan stands in the list of Russian regions, which have suffered from the crisis least of all. The structural reforms, made earlier, diversification of our economics and the measures on minimization of the crisis after-effects helped us to soften the influence of the negative tendencies.

I would like to mark specially the work of the backbone of our economics – the fuel-energy complex, which productions were under reconstruction during all these years. Our machinists also come out with the perspective initiatives.

Preservation and stability of our bank system are maintained at the appropriate level.

The intakes of consolidate budge supply on September 1, 2009, grew up by 4,5%, as compared with the corresponding period of time in 2008. The budget expenses increased by 19,2% for eight months of the year and their social constituent especially. 67,6% of all expenses are directed to education, health protection, physical culture and sport, social policy and housing-communal sphere. Nearly 16 billion rubles was allocated for support of agriculture in 2008 and on September 1, 2009, other 8,5 billion. As you know, we had to announce the state of emergency in 48 of 54 our regions because of the drought. But thanks to the support of our Republic and the federal center our agrarians overcame all these climatic troubles, thus, having made weighty endowment to the all-Russian harvest and food safety of the country. Great thanks to our villagers for that!

We are happy that the toilers of Bashkir agricultural complex strive for raising our cattle-breeding at the higher level, using the newest technologies for that. Under permanent support of the Republic and the federal center we open new capacities for production of milk and meat in the Republic.

Dear participants of the meeting!

Stable entry of Bashkortostan into the list of the most progressive Russian regions by the development of human potential, quality and level of our living standards are considered one of our main achievements.

In spite of the present difficulties Bashkortostan realizes its social policy at high level and we managed to preserve practically all social guarantees and obligations of the state before our citizens.

Within the frames of the Program on population social support separate categories of needy people are provided with social aids and citizens, found in difficult situations, receive one-time moneyed assistance. For the last two years Republican budget directed almost 272 million rubles for these purposes. In total complexity every fourth citizen RB receives state backing in different forms!

Situation in the labor market is found under our close control too. The need of local organizations in workers increased 10 thousand 600 people since the beginning of the year and the coefficient of intensity in the labor market noticeably went down. By the main indices in this sphere Bashkortostan also holds leading positions both in Volga federal district and in the country.

Special role here is laid on small and medium business and within the frames of the Republican program on small and medium business development the Republican and the federal exchequers allocated one billion and a half rubles in 2009.

Health protection is also considered one of the priorities in activity of the Republican leadership and special attention is paid to demographic indices, the rise of birth rate, protection of female and infant health and support of incomplete families with minors and families with many kids.

By the demographic indices Bashkortostan is found among 25 first Russian regions and by the birth rate we are the leaders in Volga federal district. This is the most evident illustration of correctness and vitality of the political course, once chosen by us. New generations of the Republican citizens grow and it means Bashkortostan will live and create further!

Dear friends!

As you know, young people make more than one fourth of the Republican population, so we keep the issues of youth policy under our close watch. Many previous years were devoted to youth in this or that form. 2009 is announced the Year on support and development of youth initiatives in Bashkortostan. For the last six years more than 10 thousand young families received various forms of state backing in solution of their housing conditions for the total sum about 2 billion rubles.

The program on low building runs for budget sphere employees. In 2009 we intend to put about 2000 houses into exploitation and youth will make about a half of new settlers!

We open business-incubators, techno-parks and business schools in order to encourage business activity of our youth. W stable hold leading positions by many main indices in education development – the number of schools, gymnasiums and lyceums, professional colleges and technical schools, the number of students and pupils and the number of specialists, leaving these education institutions.

For 19 years we’ve put more than one thousand modern education institutions into exploitation. At that a half of these objects are erected in the countryside. It means that more than 200 thousand pupils got a chance to be taught by the standards of the XXI century.

Dear friends!

This holiday for us is not the time for long celebrations but the possibility to check our course once again and to think our new practical tasks over. We are proud that Bashkortostan makes growing contribution to the increase of the country’s national treasures, consolidation of power and international authority of our Motherland and to the rise of people’s prosperity.

All that is the result of the step-by-step activity of our authority, hard work of our toilers, organizations, enterprises and institutions, our intellectuals and agrarians, veterans and youngsters, talent, patriotism and social activity of our people.

I am do sure we will further accomplish our towns and villages, improving our joint home and working hard for the good of our native Bashkortostan!

I wish all of you strong health, prosperity and happiness and every success in all your good deeds in the name of our Fatherland!

Happy holiday, dear compatriots!”

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