19 October 2016, Wednesday, 12:12

Bashkiria enters Top 10 Russian entities on regional budget surplus


UFA, 19 October 2016. /Bashinform News Agency, Galina Bakhshieva/. Bashkortostan is in the eighth place in the Top-30 Russian regions in terms of the regional budget surplus. This was reported by the analytical department of the press-service of the "National Rating Agency".

As of September this year, the total public debt of Bashkortostan is 25.76 billion rubles. Its volume increased by 4.8 percent year to date. The budget of the republic is in surplus. This means the region's ability to repay loans on time, fulfill obligations on state guarantees and fulfill social obligations approved in the budget. The budget surplus by early September amounted to 8.85 billion rubles, or 9.8 percent of total revenues.

Commercial (bank) loans take 14.75 percent in the structure of the region's public debt. 38.2 percent fall on budget loans; 45.8 percent — debt securities; 1.25 percent — state guarantees; 0 percent — other financial tools.

According to the debt load, defined as the ratio of state debt to the tax and non-tax revenues of the budget, Bashkortostan is in the group of regions with a comfortable ratio of state debt to budget revenues in the amount of 22.2 percent. This value corresponds to a low debt load.