20 September 2016, Tuesday, 10:38

Rustem Khamitov: "These elections were competitive, open and accessible to everyone"


UFA, 20 September 2016. /Bashinform News Agency, Alexander Smirnov/. The Head of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov believes that all conditions have been created in the republic for people to express their free will and the high turnout testified to their civic stance formation. He stated this at a briefing dedicated to the results of the elections to the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and the representative bodies of local self-government.

According to the Head of the Republic, from the very beginning the campaign was aimed at excluding administrative influence on voting.

“These elections were competitive, open and accessible to everyone who wanted to participate in this activity. Once again I want to emphasize — it was not result-oriented.  Republican authorities never set any target figures”, Rustem Khamitov said. “I believe that here in the Republic of Bashkortostan a correct transition to the modern format of the elections took place, without administrative pressure and focused on taking into account the interests of people, forming new opinions on what our society should be. This is in keeping with the spirit of the times. For us, the main task was to realize the legitimacy of elections. In my opinion, it was provided.”