18 July 2016, Monday, 12:24

Gasoline has risen in price in Bashkortostan


UFA, 18 July 2016. /Bashinform News Agency, Galina Bakhshieva/. In Bashkortostan, retail prices for all brands of gasoline increased by 50 kopecks per liter, or an average by 1.35 percent at all Bashneft petrol stations.

The "Normal-80" now costs 33.60 rubles per liter, "Regular-92» — 34,60 rubles, ATUM-92 — 35.10 rubles, "Premium-95" — 37,80 rubles, "ATUM-95" — 38,30 rubles, "Super-98" — 41.30. The price of diesel fuel has not changed.

As the press-service of the Bashneft company underlines, changes in the cost of gasoline are the result of the deferred effect of the significant growth in stock gasoline prices since the beginning of the year. On average, the "Regular-92" and "Premium 95" had an increase of 30 percent.

Despite the increase, the gasoline prices at the Bashneft gasoline stations correspond to the average values in the republic and the Volga Federal District and are lower than the nationwide figures, the company reports.