07 July 2016, Thursday, 16:08

Inflation was 0.8 percent in Bashkortostan in June, 3.4 percent year to date


UFA, 7 July 2016. /Bashinform News Agency, Olesya Seregina/. The inflation in Bashkortostan amounted to 0.8 percent in June, 3.4 percent year to date, according to the data of Bashkortostan Statistics Agency. In annual terms, the inflation in the region has developed at a rate of 6.8 percent in June.

In June an intense potato and main types of vegetables price growth was marked. At the same time, fresh cabbage price fell by 9.7 percent, tomatoes and cucumbers — by 15,8-37,2, pears, lemons, grapes and bananas — by 8,1-13,9. Eggs price decreased by 5.1 percent, rennet cheeses, pork, milk — by 1.1-2.5, semolina, millet and rice — by 1,0-2,7.

Beef, poultry, sausages, canned meat went up by 1.4-2.5 percent, certain types of fish — by 0,9-5,4, buckwheat — by 5.3, sugar — by 3.2 , confectionery, pasta, oatmeal by 1,1-4,2 percent.

In the non-food segment the prices of certain types of building materials significantly increased — chipboards, metal tile roofing and bagged cement (by 3,2-4,6 percent). Gasoline depending on the brand rose in price by 1.7-2.4 percent. However, the gas motor fuel price continued to fall.

In the services sector Ufa municipal bus fares went up by 38.9 percent. The city commercial bus fares increased by 3.2 percent, long-distance trains — on average by 9.9 percent.