10 June 2016, Friday, 17:29

Stations readiness for All-Russian Agricultural Census is checked in Bashkortostan


UFA, 10 June 2016. /Bashinform News Agency, Galina Bakhshieva/. Instructors started to work according to the schedule of activities of the All-Russian Agricultural Census 2014-2018. The assessment of readiness and acceptance by an act of the premises where they will have to work until the beginning of September this year is going on.

According to Bashkortostan Statistics Agency, premises for the instructor stations should be protected, equipped with telephone communications, as well as suitable for training and working of personnel collecting information about the objects of the All-Russian Agricultural Census 2016, storage of questionnaires and other census documents.

In Bashkortostan, 1.2 million properties are subject to the agricultural census. More than two thousand census staff will be involved in the campaign.

Recall that the All-Russian Agricultural Census will begin on July 1 and will run until August 15.