01 June 2016, Wednesday, 18:13

Bashkiria residents take fewer loans and repay them for longer periods


UFA, 1 June 2016. /Bashinform News Agency, Olga Murtazina/. Residents of Bashkiria started to take fewer banks loans and repay them for longer periods. In the republic the volume of loans issued fell by two percent per month, and their number decreased by seven percent. A similar picture is observed in all regions of the country. Nevertheless the republic is among the ten regions with the highest volume of loans issued, United Credit Bureau informs.

In April, residents of Bashkiria took from banks 64 472 loans for a total amount of 6.123 billion rubles. In March, 69 185 loans amounting to 6.223 billion rubles were issued. However, the republic entered the top ten regions with the highest rates of credit debt, which grown by 59 percent over the last year.

Throughout the country, analysts note a decrease in all types of credit products, except the mortgage, which amount decreased by only one percent.