22 May 2016, Sunday, 13:37

Play by Bashkir playwright Shaura Shakurova entered short-list of "LitoDrama" International Competition


UFA, 22 May 2016. /Bashinform News Agency,Leila Aralbaeva/. The play "Olyushkino Schastye" by Bashkir writer, playwright Shaura Shakurova entered the short-list of international drama competition "LitoDrama". Shaura Shakurova became the laureate of the competition. Works for the short list were selected by the playwright and teacher of the drama workshop at the Literary Institute Vladimir Malyagin. Total, it was received about 400 pieces for the nomination.

The melodrama with a happy ending is dedicated to the fate of a woman who made great progress in science, but could not find her women's happiness. "Olyushkino Schastye" performance based on the play was staged in Salavat Bashkir Drama Theatre. In 2015, the project won the modern drama competition under the Ministry of Culture of Russia.