20 May 2016, Friday, 16:22

Smell on the spot of pipeline rupture is associated with environmental remediation in Bashkortostan


UFA, 20 May 2016. /Bashinform News Agency, Gulfiya Akulova/. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of Bashkortostan informs about the current situation in the Sergeevka village of Ufa region where there was a leak of gas condensate  from the pipeline.

It is still observed excess of hydrogen sulfide maximum allowable concentration within the boundaries of the village, near which the pipeline rupture occurred. On the night of May 20, this figure fluctuated between 12-34 MAC. Ecologists explain fluctuations on the content of hydrogen sulphide with intensity of damage control and recovery works. Also wind speed and direction influence on the air condition and the intensity of the pollutants dispersion.

The environmental remediation works and monitoring are continued at the place of pipeline rupture.