17 May 2016, Tuesday, 16:45

Agidel Industrial Park became more attractive to business - Development Corporation of Bashkiria


UFA, 17 May 2016. /Bashinform News Agency, Galina Bakhshieva/. Locating in the Agidel Industrial Park becomes more profitable to business, the Development Corporation of Bashkortostan reports.

The Republican government made amendments to the procedure of rights registration to use the state property. The document also identifies rates of annual rent for the use of this property.

When concluding state property lease contracts with small and medium businesses the rent is paid in the following way: in the first year of rent — 40 percent of the rent payment; during the second year — 60 percent, in the third and fourth years of the rent — 80 and 100 percent of the rent payment, respectively.

Currently, the price of industrial premises in the Agidel Industrial Park ranges from 117 to 234 rubles per square meter per year. It amounts to about 9,75-19,5 rubles per square meter per month.

In view of the amendments to the regulatory framework a new resident of the park will pay for the first year of rent total 46,8-93,6 rubles per square meter or 3,9-7,8 rubles per month.

According to experts, these terms make the Agidel facilities more favourable for business development and more competitive compared with the neighbouring regions.