15 March 2016, Tuesday, 14:34

Ufa is in the lead among megacities in terms of shipped products and housing commissioned


UFA, 15 March 2016. /Bashinform News Agency, Ksenia Kalinina /. Among the megacities Ufa is in the lead on volume of products shipped and housing commissioned. The chief of the state statistics department of the city Oksana Dayanova announced the main indicators of socio-economic situation in the republican capital in 2015 at a briefing in the City Hall.

Ufa took the second place with 670 billion rubles in total volume of products shipped following Omsk (676 billion) among megacities in 2015. Then Perm (575 billion rubles) goes, Chelyabinsk (463), Volgograd (433), Yekaterinburg (385), Krasnoyarsk (343).

"Last year in the capital 824,759 square meters of housing were built. In total volume of commissioned housing Ufa is on the sixth place among the megacities, in multi-storey housing commissioned — on the seventh, and in housing per thousand inhabitants – on the fifth" said Oksana Dayanova.

The volume of investments in fixed assets aimed at the Ufa economy development due to all sources of financing amounted to 113.1 billion rubles. The industrial production index reached the level of 100.8 percent to the previous year.