11 March 2016, Friday, 12:42

Subsistence minimum for able-bodied population is 8863 rubles in Bashkortostan


UFA, 11 March 2016. /Bashinform News Agency, Ksenia Kalinina/. The minimum subsistence level per capita in the past month of the 4th quarter of 2015 is set at 8328 rubles by the order of the Government of Bashkortostan. For the working-age population it amounted to 8863 rubles, pensioners — 6801, and for children – 8313 rubles.

The press service of the Government reminded that the subsistence level value is determined quarterly on the basis of the consumer goods basket in the region and the data of Bashkir Statistics Agency on the level of consumer prices for food, non-food products and services.

As Bashinform News Agency has already reported for the month of the 3rd quarter 2015 the minimum subsistence level per capita amounted to 8643 rubles, for the working-age population — 9197 rubles, pensioners — 7037, and for children – 8653 rubles.