10 March 2016, Thursday, 15:59 | sponsored feature

Expert from Israel highly praised Bashkir soda quality


UFA, 10 March 2016. /Bashinform News Agency/. The Bashkir Soda Company (BSC) was visited by the representative of the Federation of Synagogues, Rabbi Moshe Greenberg. The purpose of his visit was to audit production facilities and to assess its conformity to the kosher safety standards of baking soda.

The arrival of the foreign guest was initiated by Wrigley Company – a constant consumer of Sterlitamak baking soda, which is used in the food industry — in particular, in manufacture of chewing gums and lemonade.

The buyer was always pleased with the quality of our baking soda, but customers of Wrigley products in Israel decided to ensure that the production process of purified sodium bicarbonate corresponded not only to the international standards, but also to kosher principles.

The Bashkir Soda Company always tries to meet the needs of consumers: baking soda has already received the "Halal" certificate, and recently a representative of the Federation of Synagogues Moshe Greenberg submitted a conclusion: BSC baking soda can be used in products conforming to kosher requirements.

The representative of the Federation of Synagogues also marked the company's openness and willingness to cooperate.