24 February 2016, Wednesday, 17:05

«Teulis» shadow show will perform for the first time in Ufa


UFA, 24 February 2016. /Bashinform News Agency, Leila Aralbaeva/. The Ukrainian «Teulis» shadow show will give a performance in Ufa. The performance will take place at the City Recreation Centre on March 30. The staging combines high-class acrobatics, drama theatre, optical illusions, original sound and video projections.

"Actors are working behind a translucent screen. The viewer see a cartoon show: dark figures are transforming, changing in size. The «Teulis» shadow show proves that all fantasies can be embodied with the help of the human body shadows", organizers said.

The world-famous «Teulis» shadow show has been recognized in many European countries and other continents. Its repertoire includes a variety of performances that convey vivid emotions and profound content through gestures language and symbolic silhouettes.

themes: shadow show, Ufa