09 February 2016, Tuesday, 10:26

Food prices increased in Bashkortostan year-to-date


UFA, 9 February 2016. /Bashinform News Agency, Ksenia Kalinina/. In Bashkortostan since the beginning of the year, prices for food products increased. According to Bashkortostan Statistics Agency, for a month in the food market there was an increase in rennet cheeses, butter and olive oil prices by 1,6-3,9 percent, tea, cakes, sugar, jam and marmalade – by 2,0-4,6 percent, natural honey — 7.4. Potatoes became more expensive by 2.7 percent, beets, garlic, onions, cabbage fresh cabbage, carrots – by 1,9-5,5, cucumbers – by 7.6, apples, lemons, bananas – by 4,4-12,8 , grapes and pears – by 18,9-23,2.

Statisticians marked decrease in tomatoes and oranges prices (by 8,7-10,8 percent), hot dogs, sausages, chicken legs, dumplings and ravioli (0.7-0.8), polished rice, buckwheat, oat and barley cereals (1,3- 2,1), mineral water (2,4).

As previously reported, in January this year an increase in prices in all sectors of the consumer market was significantly lower than the comparable figures of the previous year and more correlated to the year of 2014.