21 January 2016, Thursday, 12:20

Bashkiria set for an auction the largest amount of wheat


UFA, 21 January 2016. /Bashinform News Agency, Ksenia Kalinina/. On January 20, as part of the public purchasing interventions Bashkortostan set for an auction the largest amount of wheat. 31.05 thousand tons of wheat of the third grade, 12.69 thousand tons of the fourth grade, 810 tons of the fifth grade were auctioned off. The largest amount was offered by Bashkortostan and Kurgan region (Urals) — 14.715 thousand tons. Altai and Krasnoyarsk (Siberia) placed 10.80 million tons, Saratov and Penza (Volga) Regions- 8.64 thousand, Ryazan Region (Central Russia) — 10,395 thousand tons.

As the portal Agro2b informs, trades consisted completely of wheat and were held in a very limited volume — 44.55 thousand tons. The least willingly sellers offered the third-grade wheat. The leading producing regions — Bashkortostan, Altai Krai and Saratov region — have not sold a single ton of the third grade wheat.

At the same time 87.2% wheat of the fourth grade was sold. Siberia has sold about 89% of its wheat. 69% of the fourth grade wheat was sold at the Bashkir auction. A small amount of Kurgan fourth grade wheat was sold at a discount. The Volga Region sold 78% of wheat at the maximum prices, the Central Russia 80.5% also at the highest price.

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