13 January 2016, Wednesday, 14:04

Bashkir honey will be sold in retail chains of New York


UFA, 13 January 2016. /Bashinform News Agency, Arthur Basyrov/. Today, on January 13, Bashkir Research Centre on Beekeeping and Apitherapy sends the first batch of honey to the United States. The container with 18.7 tons of the product will be supplied as part of the long-term contract concluded in September last year.

"This batch of herbal-flower Bashkir honey will be sent to New York. There the product will be sold in one of the retail chains of the city. The contract with the American company was signed on September 9, 2015. Prior to that, they worked with Altai, but we submitted our honey samples to the laboratories of the United States and they were highly appreciated", said the director of the Bashkir Research Centre on Beekeeping and Apitherapy Amir Ishemgulov.

According to him, the American company has already ordered buckwheat honey to the Bashkir producers. Its delivery to the USA is scheduled for the near future.