16 December 2015, Wednesday, 19:01

Bashkir dishes Tukmatsch and Gubadia are offered in Berlin now


UFA, 16 December 2015. /Bashinform News Agency, Olesya Seregina/. Ufa businesswoman Rasima Musina opened this year a delicatessen shop of her caterer chain "Pyshka" in Berlin. Perhaps the first foreign institution of Bashkir cuisine is located in one of the main tourist streets of the German capital, according to the portal Restoranoff.ru.

Appearance of the cafe in Berlin differs from the Ufa ones. The well-known creative bureau AD MODUM worked over its design.

The menu of the German "Pyshka" presents Ufa culinary hits: Tukmatsch, Pelmeni, Wareniki, Kurnik, Gubadia, Beljaschi, Tschebureki and Kompott.

The group of companies "Pyshka" appeared in Ufa in 1999. Now there are 20 corporate shops and 70 franchised caterers in Russia.