01 December 2015, Tuesday, 18:39

HiPo-experts are increasingly popular in the Russian labour market


UFA, 1 December 2015. /Bashinform News Agency, Alim Faizov/. Unique HiPo-experts or specialists are increasingly popular in the Russian labour market. These are professionals in specific areas with high potential and strong organizational qualities, they are able to develop and maintain separate business lines. Experts of recruiting companies are seeing an increase in this category of applicants by 5%, according to the Institute of Public Opinion "Anketolog".

According to the website W-City.net, the economic situation is rapidly changing the labour market, the number of jobs is reduced. In Moscow, for example, at the beginning of 2015 it was by 16% less jobs in comparison with the previous year and by 20% more applicants. But experts with a high potential remain in demand, it is from 2 to 7% of all jobs. Experience and skills of HiPo-candidates apply in all areas of the economy. They are distinguished by the ability to think outside the box, to learn fast, are capable of team work on a par with the personal activity.

The experts in IT and sales of goods and services and blue-collar occupations are in the maximum demand in the labour market.

According to experts of the labour market, the future belongs to the HiPo-candidates with experience, knowledge and proactive skills to solve professional tasks in rapidly changing circumstances. Most of all they are needed in the banking sector, trade and transport companies, HORECA industry.