26 November 2015, Thursday, 16:53

Bashkortostan engineers have developed a low-cost 3D-printer


UFA, 26 November 2015. /Bashinform News Agency, Olesya Seregina/. The Bashkir group of young engineers from the Yunimatek company has developed the most affordable 3D-printer in Russia. In the Russian market such equipment is represented mainly by the US and Chinese manufacturers. The price of the device starts from 70-80 thousand rubles.

The Russian analogue of Uniqbot 3D-printer created by Bashkir engineers will cost users half the price. The design of Uniqbot 3D-printer incorporates a number of unique technical solutions, which resulted in high level of quality and reliability of both the equipment and printed out 3D-models. The company will present its new project on the website boomstarter.ru in late November.

According to one of the authors of 3D-printer Arthur Garafutdinov, the main task, which they sought to resolve — was to make the process of working with consumer 3D-printer simple and convenient at all stages of use.

The Uniqbot 3D-printer was tested and at educational institutions of our republic: the Ufa gymnasium No. 39, gymnasium No.1 and school No. 5 of Blagoveshchensk.

Young professionals from the Yunimatek company hope that 3D-modeling will be taught at modern schools as a subject. In the near future Bashkir engineers will open their laboratory for production and assembly of 3D-printers in Ufa.