28 September 2015, Monday, 10:26

Ufa residents will see the fifth supermoon


UFA, 28 September 2015. /Bashinform News Agency, Gulfiya Akulova/. In the night from September 27 to 28 Ufa residents will see a supermoon. The extraordinary beautiful astronomical phenomenon will be the fifth for a year already.

At 6:47 local time the moon will pass the point of perigee and will be at the minimum distance from the Earth — 356 876 km. An hour later, at 7:52 am the time of the full moon will come. As reported in Ufa Planetarium, the supermoon is not scientific but popular term introduced to emphasize the difference in apparent size and brightness of the moon. During the supermoon the Orb of Night will appear somewhat larger and brighter than usual.

This astronomical event coincides with a full lunar eclipse, when the Earth will block the light coming from the sun. The moon during the eclipse becomes red, a phenomenon known as a "blood moon". It will be possible to see it only in some parts of Russia, as well as in North and South America, Europe, West Asia. Ufa residents will not be able to watch it, because during the eclipse its will be already daylight in the capital.