14 September 2015, Monday, 10:27

Bashkir skydivers set a republican record in group acrobatics


UFA, 14 September 2015. /Bashinform News Agency, Dmitry Slezin/. A record of the Republic of Bashkortostan in parachute group acrobatics in the category "Large Formations — 10 People Realignment" was set at the DZ Menzelinsk airport.

Record parachute jumps were committed and previously. So, in 2004, "a large formation" consisting of six people closed the ring in the sky over Ufa. Then in 2005 in Ufa, the ring was already lined-up by a group of nine people. Now the record of Bashkortostan in group parachute acrobatics in the class "Large Formations" was set three times taking into account several realignments.

Great job was done by senior coach Vitaly Giniyatov, the world record holder in group acrobatics. Oleg Dryagin, Vyacheslav Kalistratov, Bulat Gilmanov, Vitaly Giniyatov, Vyacheslav Shilin, Alexey Burenin, Anton Filippov, Yuriy Kosenkov, Edward Mulaev and Rafael Ganeev took part in the formation, as well as operators — Catherine Plenkina and Yuriy Makarov.