07 September 2015, Monday, 17:16

Relatives of missing in Bashkiria Vadim Klassen applied to "Zhdi Menya" TV program


UFA, 7 September 2015. /Bashinform News Agency, Gulfiya Akulova/. Relatives of missing in Bashkortostan Vadim Klassen submitted an application for searching to the "Zhdi Menya" TV program. This was reported in the group to search for the missing tourists on "VKontakte".

In June, the 29-year-old Ufa resident with a group of friends went camping at a popular mountain range of the republic — Inzer Zubchatki. A spat occurred between the tourists. Vadim rubbed his leg and fell behind the group and companions returned to the city without him. Since then, emergency workers and volunteers have been searching for him. Currently a rescue expedition with volunteers from Bashkortostan and Sverdlovsk region is organized in the area of  Vadim loss.

It is known that Vadim Klassen is heavily built, 180-190 cm height, with gray eyes and dark hair. There is information that the young man suffers from autism. According to relatives and close friends of the tourist, his companions who left him during the trip, might be involved in the loss of Vadim.