07 August 2015, Friday, 14:50

It will be moderately warm in Bashkortostan in August with more sunny days in September


UFA, 7 August 2015. /Bashinform News Agency, Arthur Basyrov/. In Bashkortostan in August it will be moderately warm with more sunny days in September. This forecast was given by the head of department of meteorology of Bashkir Meteorological Agency Tatiana Vlasova at the videoconference at the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic.

In August, the temperatures will be 8-13 degrees Celsius at night to plus 21-26 degrees Celsius during the day. In mid-August, a period of cool weather will start with 5-10 degrees at night to plus 15-20 degrees in the day time. Mainly in the northern and northeastern regions of the republic short rains will be expected.

According to the forecast Bashkir Meteorological Agency unstable weather will continue in September, but with an increasing tendency in number of sunny days.