29 June 2015, Monday, 17:01

Foodstuffs produced in Bashkiria dominates in Ufa shops – city administration


UFA, 29 June 2015. /Bashinform News Agency,Arthur Basyrov/. Most foodstuffs sold in Ufa are produced in Bashkortostan. According to the administration of the capital, local produce reaches almost 100% by certain positions.

As reported by Ufa administration, 97% of bread and bakery products are made in the republic, 78% are accounted for milk and dairy products, and eggs,  62% for poultry, 61% — for meat and sausage products.

The main vegetable production displayed on the shelves of Ufa shops and markets is made in Bashkortostan. 80% of demand for potatoes is met by local farms, up to 53% for carrots, onions, cabbage and beet. The rest of the demand is satisfied by Russian farmers. Less than 8% are accounted for imports.

Certain types of vegetables, such as eggplant, peppers, and a number of others are imported. In addition, the major imported foods are fruit.