01 May 2015, Friday, 13:25

Rate of water flow in Yumaguzinskoye reservoir in Bashkortostan dropped to 289 cubic metres per second


UFA, 1 May 2015. /Bashinform News Agency, Elvira Latypova/. The high water on the river Belaya began to wane in Bashkiria. The rate of water flow in the Yumaguzinskoye reservoir from maximum 412 cubic metres per second decreased to 289 cubic metres. Peak of the flood was passed here on April 27.

According to the Bashkir Generation Company, average discharge of water through hydroelectric plant is about 70 cubic metres per second. These days, all three hydro units are operating — daily electricity generation is about 1 million kWh. HPP operates normally under maximum load.

Earlier it was reported on the peak of the high water on the river Ufa, the level of which is regulated by Pavlovskoye reservoir. Yesterday the inflow decreased to 1,450 cubic metres of water per second.