23 April 2015, Thursday, 16:47

Heineken will produce "Shihan" kvass in Sterlitamak


UFA, 23 April 2015. /Bashinform News Agency, Elvira Latypova/. Heineken launches a production of kvass (mildly alcoholic drink made from fermented rye bread) under the brand "Shihan" in Sterlitamak, in May. "Kommersant" newspaper reports about this, citing a source in the parent company.

According to the newspaper, Heineken will produce kvass at four of its Russian plants: Sterlitamak kvass will be branded "Shihan", in Khabarovsk and Irkutsk — "Rusich". At the plant in Kaliningrad production of "Ostmark" kvass has started. Previously, all three brands were known only as local beers.

The decision to expand the range of the company Heineken explains by the desire to load its production capacities, vacated due to the reduction of the beer market. Due to the similarity of the production technology of beer and kvass costs for the conversion were not required.