22 April 2015, Wednesday, 16:46

Swans began to fly on lakes and ponds of Bashkiria


UFA, 22 April 2015. /Bashinform News Agency, Alim Faizov/. Swans began to appear on the lakes and ponds of Bashkortostan in rural areas. In particular, in Tuimazy region swans flew to the pond called by locals Zemsnaryad. A pair of swans landed on the lake, although the ice on it has not been fully melted yet. Every year, residents of nearby houses admire the graceful birds. Last year, in spring five swans lived there for a while.

According to the ecologist of "Kandra-Kul" nature park Irina Sabirova, Lake Kandrykul is the favourite place of swans. During the flights there were about 320 birds there, but not all of them stayed for nesting. The largest number of nesting sites was in 2012 — seven. As a rule, the birds come in early April and remain until December.