14 April 2015, Tuesday, 17:30

Maria Mirova from Bashkiria recorded new videos


UFA, 14 April 2015. /Bashinform News Agency, Dmitry Slezin/. Masha Mirova from Bashkir city of Meleuz participated in the popular TV show "Golos.Deti-2" (Voice) on "Channel One". The other day, Maria has recorded two new clips.

The nine-year-old singer from Bashkortostan in the first stage of children's "Voice" performed the song by «ABBA» «Winner Takes All». Dima Bilan turned on Masha's voice.

In his team she passed to the round of "Battles", which successfully passed to an additional step of "Knockouts". Here Masha was not included in the number of two finalists.

However, participation in this creative competition and Bilan’s lessons were not lost. In one of the studios of Meleuz she embodied the idea of the two songs. One of them is «Sweet People», the second — the song by the poet-composer Anna Petryasheva from Penza «Free Bird».

At the end of the week Masha will take another music exam participating in the "New Wave Junior" in Moscow.