27 February 2015, Friday, 16:50

Race car driver from Octyabrsky city claims victory in the Cup of Russia


UFA, 27 February 2015. /Bashinform News Agency, Veronika Gavrilova/. The race car driver from Bashkortostan, native of Octyabrsky city Albert Gainullin, member of Viatti Racing Team will compete at the Russian Cup final in winter track races in the national test group in the status of favourite.

Albert Gainullin was on the podium in all three qualifying races in zone 2: twice (in Cherepovets and Orenburg – the first place), and in Izhevsk, where he took the third place.

The main rival of Albert in the final will be the leading in zone 1 experienced pilot from Togliatti Dmitry Bragin.

The finals of the Cup of Russia in winter track races will be held on February 28 at the racetrack in the suburban Ramenskoye.