26 January 2015, Monday, 17:26

Literary Museum of Bashkortostan is preparing a virtual exhibition with the St. Petersburg National Pushkin Museum


UFA, 26 January 2015. /Bashinform News Agency, Leila Aralbaeva/. During the Year of Literature in Russia and Bashkortostan the Republican National Literary Museum is preparing several creative projects.

For the first time a virtual exhibition dedicated to Pugachev rebellion will be organized in Ufa together with the National Pushkin Museum in St. Petersburg. Scientific lectures, readings, round tables will also be held as part of this project.

In connection with two round dates — 120th anniversary of the outstanding poet Shaikhzada Babich and 135th anniversary of the national writer of Bashkortostan Mazhit Gafuri the museum will organize commemorative virtual exhibitions.

The National Literature Museum RB was founded in 1996. At present, the museum consists of five branches: Mazhit Gafuri Memorial House-Museum, Miftakhetdin Akmulla Museum in Tuksanbaevo Village, Shaikhzada Babich Museum in Asyanovo village, Muhametsalim Umetbaev Museum in Ibragimovo village, Arslan Mubaryakov Museum in Assy village.