28 October 2014, Tuesday, 14:12

Number of unemployed decreased by 11.4 percent in Bashkortostan for a year - statistics


UFA, 28 October 2014. /Bashinform News Agency, Elvira Latypova/. As of October 1, state employment offices of the republic registered 20.2 thousand unemployed people. According to Bashkortostan Statistics Agency from October 1, 2013, their number decreased by 11.4 percent. The registered unemployment rate amounted to 1 percent among economically active population.

Statistics found that 64.1 percent of people registered in employment agencies are women, 19.7 percent – are young people aged from 16 to 29 years. 76.6 percent of the unemployed have a professional education.

Number of jobs for unemployed residents of the republic increased. As of October 1, the need for employees at republican enterprises amounted to 46.5 thousand, which is by 14.7 percent higher than the number of vacancies as of October 1, 2013. 86 percent of all offers are blue-collar jobs. 28.3 percent of jobs are offered by construction companies, 19.2 percent – by industrial enterprises, 11.7 percent – by trading companies, 8.6 percent — by enterprises of agriculture and forestry, 5.1 percent — by educational institutions.

In January-September, 71.8 thousand residents of Bashkortostan addressed to the government employment service, of which 52.2 thousand people were employed.