23 October 2014, Thursday, 13:44

Collection of Mustai Karim’s aphorisms in Russian and Bashkir languages was published to his 95th anniversary


UFA, 23 October 2014. /Bashinform News Agency, Leila Aralbaeva/. The scientific publishing complex "Bashkir Encyclopedia" has prepared an unusual edition devoted to the 95th anniversary of the national poet of Bashkortostan, writer and playwright Mustai Karim. It published a collection of aphorisms in Bashkir and Russian languages — "Aphorisms by Mustai Karim", prepared by — Fakil Murzakaev.

The publication presents philosophical reflections by Mustai Karim about the eternal questions of life, moral and aesthetic benchmarks of humanity. The value and appeal of these ideas is in their vividness, originality and sincerity. The aphorisms extracted from works and diaries of Mustai Karim are a fount of wisdom, a kind of guiding star both for adults and younger generation, the publishers mark.