15 October 2014, Wednesday, 13:30

Gasoline prices grow in Bashkiria every month


UFA, 15 October 2014. /Bashinform News Agency, Elvira Latypova/. Since July in Bashkortostan prices at refuelling stations increase monthly. From the beginning of the year, gasoline at Bashneft’s refueling stations rose in price six times. Since Monday Bashneft has raised the retail price of a litre of gasoline by 20-70 kopecks depending on the fuel grade.

The gasoline Super Euro-98 rose by 70 kopecks and now costs 37.4 rubles per litre, the Premium Euro-95 – by 30 kopecks (35.1 rubles), Regular-92 and Normal-80 — by 20 kopecks (31.5 and 30.7 rubles, respectively). The Euro diesel fuel became more expensive by 40 kopecks (Class C, type III) — 33,5 rubles per litre.