14 October 2014, Tuesday, 18:01

Winter in Bashkiria could begin as early as next week


UFA, 14 October 2014. /Bashinform News Agency, Rozaliya Valeeva/. Bashkir forecasters expect sharp and significant weather deterioration early next week.

“On Sunday we expect a significant deterioration in weather conditions”, chief forecaster of Bashkir Hydrometeorological Agency Anna Kozaeva said. “The temperatures will decrease, and the beginning of the next week could be the beginning of the upcoming winter.

But this is not the final forecast, weather forecasters monitor the process and different evaluation schemes of weather events produce different results.

This week the weather will be close to normal.

“In general, the weather this time of year is always characterized by contrasting air mass. The number of cloudy days increases dramatically in October”, Anna Kozaeva said. “The prevailing temperatures this week will be 3-8 degrees Celsius during the day and from 1-2 degrees below zero to 6-8 degrees at night. In some areas, day temperatures may reach plus 13 degrees. Traditionally, it is warmer in the south and colder in the north.”