01 September 2014, Monday, 15:16

Pilot version of electronic collection of Bashkortostan cultural heritage is created in the region

author: Sergey Zakharov

The Agency for Information Technology RB developed a pilot version of electronic collection of the cultural heritage of the republic. Currently, the system is filled with content of cultural value — digitized books, audio, images, videos and pictures of museum exhibits.

Now about 700 different pieces of work are available for viewing, the accumulation of information of the "virtual gallery" continues.

The practice of digitizing works of cultural heritage was used throughout the world for a long time. The digital collection suggests that every student at any time will be able to get online access to any cultural work of Bashkir land interesting for him. In addition, residents of other parts of Russia will be able to have a walk over the "virtual gallery".

However, so far it is only a pilot version of the resource, so that in the future it may be changed and improved, according to the website of the Agency for Information Technology RB.