28 August 2014, Thursday, 13:45 | sponsored feature

"Bashkir Soda Company" decided not to wait for official launch of the All-Russian campaign "Let’s Do It 2014!"

author: Bashinform News Agency

Employees of "Bashkir Soda Company" decided not to wait for the official launch of the All-Russian campaign on collection of waste "Let’s Do It  2014" that will take place in September, and have already started to clean up waste in the city of Ishimbay.

The Russian campaign "Let’s Do It 2014!" is a part of a worldwide campaign Let's Do It — World Cleanup 2014, which will be held for the third time. Organizers of the event are simple people. This is a civic initiative with participation of 111 countries.

“At first we thought that housing services are working on the streets of our city”, young residents of Ishimbay Galina and Liliya shared, “but looking closer, we saw a logo on their jackets "BSC". Well done! The enterprise is located in another city, Sterlitamak, and they make a cleanup here in Ishimbay. And this is wonderful, the city must be clean!”

The geography of "BSC" production facilities covers Sterlitamak, Berezniki, Ishimbay. The geography of consumers includes all Russia, near and far abroad. The "Bashkir Soda Company" business has great opportunities that is why the area of social and environmental projects of the company is expanding.