27 August 2014, Wednesday, 17:13

Minister of Youth and Sports RB Andrey Ivanyuta took a "charitable ice shower"

author: Dmitry Slezin

The Minister of Youth and Sports of Bashkortostan Andrey Ivanyuta took the baton of charity flashmob Ice Bucket Challenge. According to the ministry, the correspondent of Proufu.ru webportal Gregory Seferov launched a challenge against the Minister.

In his turn, Andrey Ivanyuta passed the baton to the managing director of the Youth Ice Hockey League Dmitry Efimov, 13-fold Paralympic champion Rima Batalova and Secretary General of the International Children's Games, Richard Smith.

“I make water health-promoting treatments every day, in the morning, so I am happy to answer the challenge. My participation in the charity flashmob is my contribution to the preservation of human health,” Andrey Ivanyuta said.

The Minister will transfer the funds raised at the event to one of the orphanages in the region.