26 August 2014, Tuesday, 13:17

Agidel (Ufa) was unsuccessful at "Czech Women's Summer Cup-2014"

author: Dmitry Slezin

Slovakia hosted a traditional pre-season ice hockey tournament among women's teams — "Czech Women's Summer Cup-2014".

On the final day Agidel (Ufa) met with Dinamo (St. Petersburg) and won in the game for the fifth place — 2:1. Elina Mitrofanova and Nicole Chupkova from Agidel  scored the goals.

In the final, Tornado (Moscow region) was stronger than Birjusa (Krasnoyarsk) — 2:1.

Final standings are the following: 1. Tornado (Moscow Region); 2. Birjusa (Krasnoyarsk); 3.National Team of France; 4 Sabres Vienna (Austria); 5. Agidel (Ufa); 6. Dinamo (St. Petersburg); 7. Slavia (Czech Republic); 8. Poprad (Slovakia).