25 August 2014, Monday, 10:22

Rustem Khamitov visited Kumertau Aviation Company

author: Galiya Nabieva

Rustem Khamitov in the course of his working trip visited the city of Kumertau and Kuyurgaza region. The head of the republic visited a number of companies, took part in the meeting in honour of the Russian Air Fleet, visited the museum named after Kinzi Arslanov, the press service of the head of the region informs.

In Kumertau Rustem Khamitov visited Kumertau Aviation Company (KumAPP). At flight test station the head of the republic examined the new models of aviation equipment. Multi-purpose helicopters developed by Kamov design bureau are the main products of the company. The company manufactures helicopters Ka-27 (search and rescue), Ka-28 and Ka-29 (military), Ka-32 (multi-purpose middle-class), Ka-31 (radar).

As the head of KumAPP Viktor Novikov informed now in addition to the release of finished helicopters the company launches and implements investment projects aimed at production of aggregates for Kamov helicopters. Mastering the production of main rotor masts for helicopters Ka-62 and Ka-52K and helicopter blades for Ka-62 is started. In 2014 it is planned to complete the certification of Ka-226T helicopter with improved performance characteristics.

In the last two years due to unstable conditions in the international and domestic markets, the company revenues do not cover its costs. In the conversation with veterans of the plant the head of Bashkortostan underlined that the republic would provide comprehensive assistance to the township-forming enterprise.

For complete information about the working trip, visit the  official website.