20 August 2014, Wednesday, 13:45

Delegation of the International Children's Games Committee will estimate sports facilities in Tuimazy region

author: Alik Shakirov

From August 20 to 22, as part of the official delegation Igor Topol, the Vice-President of the International Children's Games Committee, the headmaster of the secondary school No.2 in Selye, Republic of Slovenia will visit Tuimazy region. The delegation also includes the head of the Technical Commission of Children's Games Zlatko Kauran, the member of the Technical Commission, director of secondary school No. 2 in Ruse Slovenia Ladislav Pepelnik.

The three-day visit program includes a meeting of the delegation with the head of Tuimazy region, a press conference and a presentation of the International Children's Games, sports facilities and camps visiting.

The delegation will also visit the school No.1 of Tuimazy city, with a tour around the school and a presentation of chemistry, physics, and history lessons. The key point of the visit will be the establishment of friendly relations between the school No.1 of Tuimazy city and town schools of Selye and Ruz Republic of Slovenia, the administration of Tuimazy region informs.