19 August 2014, Tuesday, 14:59

Ministry of Interior in Bashkortostan: the consular car was hit by a stone, not a bullet

author: Olga Murtazina

Bashkir police experts completed the examination of the damage inflicted to the vehicle of the diplomatic corps representative. On August 17, a resident of Ekaterinburg — Honorary Consul of Seychelles reported the Ufa police on road incident near Kabakovo village: his BMW with the embassy numbers received the glass damage. The declarant expressed his opinion that the car was fired from the "Mercedes" vehicle moving ahead of his BMW on M5 "Ural" highway.

As reported by the Ministry of Interior in Bashkortostan, during the inspection of the damage the experts seized micro-particles of dark colour from the surface of the left-hand front glass of the foreign car. The examination found quartz particles on the seized samples — elements of natural stone. Presumably, the glass of the car was hit by a stone of small diameter.