18 August 2014, Monday, 17:53

Hail, thunderstorms and increase in temperature to 38 C° are expected in Bashkiria

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

The Directorate of Samara — Ufa — Chelyabinsk highway warns of dangerous weather phenomena. During the day on August 18 in Bashkortostan widely scattered thunderstorms, large hail, squall winds up to 20-25 metres per second are expected. In the following days during daylight hours the temperatures may increase to 38 C°, according to the official website of the Directorate.

On August 19 and 20, partly cloudy weather, intermittent rains ranging from light to moderate, thunderstorms and hail are expected. The variable wind 3-8 metres per second, and in some areas gusts of winds. The air temperature at night 15-20 degrees during the day — 25-30 degrees above zero in the south areas to 35 C°.