18 August 2014, Monday, 15:17

Supply chain of large quantities of drugs from Tajikistan is eliminated in Bashkortostan

author: Catherine Sokolova

In Bashkortostan, during a special operation a supply of large quantities of Tajik heroin and hashish is eliminated. According to the press service of the Russian Federal Drug Control Service in RB, members of the criminal group were detained at an attempt to sell 1.3 kilograms of highly concentrated heroin. Two of them were brothers, natives of Tajikistan. The third co-defendant is a native of Octyabrsky city. In the course of investigations and investigative procedures caches of narcotics were established. The first of these was in the territory of the abandoned gardens. Near one of the houses 440 grams of hashish were found and seized. The second cache was in Octyabrsky. 1.1 kilograms of hashish were found in three plastic bags in the inner part of the concrete support of power lines.

The criminal case is initiated. Members of the criminal group face a sentence of up to life imprisonment.