18 August 2014, Monday, 13:34

5.5 hectares of forest burned in Bashkiria at the weekend

author: Iliya Spiridonov

Last weekend two forest fires were recorded in Bashkortostan, which damaged 5.5 hectares of forest, the press service of the Ministry of Forestry RB informs.

The first of them occurred on August 16 in four kilometers from Bishtiryak village of Zianchuro region in the territory Yuldybaevo forestry. The fire covered five acres. The fire was detected due to aerial surveillance. 10 people were involved in the fire suppression and three units of special equipment.

On August 17, in Zilair region, 3.7 km from Novoaleksandrovka village another fire occurred because of a lightning discharge, which affected 0.5 hectares of forest. 10 people were involved in the elimination of the fire and five units of special equipment.

Thus, since the beginning of the fire hazardous season 34 forest fires were registered. The fire covered 127.08 hectares. Extinguishing efficiency was 97 percent.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Forestry RB, the main cause of forest fires is careless handling of fire, which resulted in 13 fires. Another eight were due to a lightning discharge, four – because of agricultural burning, per one — as a result of a leak from the pipeline, and a spark from power lines. The cause of the remaining seven fires is under investigation.

There are no active fires currently in the republic.