15 August 2014, Friday, 15:53

Bashkortostan entered the Top-10 Russian regions on energy efficiency

author: Iliya Spiridonov

The Republic of Bashkortostan is one of the ten most energy-efficient subjects of Russia. This was reported by the participants of the roundtable conference on energy efficiency held in Ufa. It was organized by the Republican Research Centre for Energy Saving and Energy-Efficient Technology.

“In previous years, we fell behind on energy services, but just in the last year and a half quite important steps in this direction were taken in Bashkortostan: two energy service contracts were signed, research in this area was supported”, the director of the Republican Energy Efficiency Centre Denis Shamenin said.

According to him, the Centre intends to participate in grant competitions of the Russian Ministry of Energy to direct subsidies for funding scientific research.

In addition, in October at the All Russian Energy Efficiency Projects Competition (ENES) the Centre will present three projects for promotion of energy saving in different target groups.

During the discussion, the roundtable participants formed a common vision on energy saving, which was reflected in the final memorandum. According to the document, the Republican Energy Efficiency Centre was defined as an integrator of scientific environment in this area.