14 August 2014, Thursday, 14:31

JSC UMPO's branch started the supercomputer with 30.7 Teraflops performance (TFlops)

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

The running of computing cluster was made at the UMPO branch — United Design Bureau named after A.Lyulki. As the press service of the company reports, a powerful supercomputer with peak performance 30,7 TFlops (trillion of floating point operations per second) should enter the top 50 supercomputers in the CIS. Its resources will be available to divisions of A.Lyulki’s United Design Bureau, including those located at remote sites.

At the moment the UMPO key projects are creation of the first stage engine for future frontline aircraft system ("117 product"), development of advanced engine of the second stage for the PAK FA, as well as production of engine for the Su-35 / Su-35S ("117C product"). The A.Lyulki’s United Design Bureau is the head design office in all the projects.