05 August 2014, Tuesday, 11:46

Bashneft again raised retail gasoline prices

author: Elvira Latypova

On August 4 prices rose again at Bashneft’s refuelling stations — for the fourth time since the beginning of the year.

Gasoline Super Euro-98 rose at once by one ruble — to 36.7 rubles per litre. Gasoline of REGULAR 92 and ATUM-92 brands became more expensive by 30 copecks and now stands at 30.7 rubles and 31.2 rubles per litre, respectively. Gasoline 80 added 10 copecks to the price and is sold at 30 rubles per litre.

The last increase in retail prices for the most popular brands of fuel occurred on July 10. Prior to this, the cost of gasoline increased in April and May.

Bashneft retail chain has 574 own refuelling stations owned by LLC "Bashneft-Retail" as well as more than 279 affiliate stations in 21 regions of Russia.