01 August 2014, Friday, 15:45

Financing deficit of the Health Insurance Fund RB affected Ufa Ambulance Station

author: Arina Rakhimkulova

In accordance with Federal law since 2013 emergency medical services were included in the territorial system of obligatory health insurance. The situation with funding of Ufa emergency services was commented by the deputy director of the territorial Health Insurance Fund RB Lubov Zueva.

“Last year, the funding of territorial obligatory health insurance program of Bashkortostan was made with a surplus of 11 percent. This year the obligatory health insurance program has deficit of 9.3 percent, or 3.1 billion rubles,” the representative of the territorial Health Insurance Fund RB said. “The lack of funds affected in general emergency medical services and wages of workers in particular.”

Lubov Zueva explains that in this case the accrual of incentive payments is affected not the wages. At the same time, a significant flow of funds goes to the upkeeping and maintenance of buildings. Indeed, in Ufa there are six substations, in addition to the Central Ambulance Station.

The Obligatory Health Insurance Fund of the Republic conducted a monitoring of workers’ wages.

“According to the study, alongwith an average growth of wages of health workers in the republic by 4-9 percent, emergency medical services decreased salaries of junior medical staff by 11 percent, the nursing staff – by four percent, doctors – by two percent. The growth in salary of top management amounted to 22 percent”,  Lubov Zueva said.

Currently it is too early to talk about measures that should be taken to break the deadlock. Results of the check, which is currently conducted by the Control and Audit Office should be summed up. Then, after analysis of the results, a board will be held, which will give recommendations for further measures.