30 July 2014, Wednesday, 18:27

The second runway is opened in Ufa airport

author: Iliya Spiridonov

In Ufa airport the second take-off runway is opened after reconstruction, the press service of JSC Ufa International Airport informs. Its characteristics make it possible to take different types of aircrafts, including Boeing-747 and Boeing-777.

The first aircraft having taken off from the reconstructed runway became CRJ-200 aircraft of "Yamal" airline, heading to Roschino airport.

According to the press service of the airport, the runway that was commissioned is parallel to the first one, which is being decommissioned during the construction of a new apron and taxiway.

JSC "Ufa International Airport" is a modern aviation hub capable of accommodating all types of aircrafts. Every day it serves up to 120 aircrafts on arrival and departure. More than 40 Russian and foreign airlines use the airport services.